Care Givers

James A. Pharis, Jr.
Copyright © James A. Pharis, Jr.
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

They come in odd numbers
According to their relation.
Some are loved ones and kin,
And, some according to station.

It is a wonder of devotion
To observe them doing care
So much of their time is spent
Imploring in prayer.

"Care giver" means having care
Deep within each caring soul.
It means giving of self to those
Whose needs take control.

Real care comes from giving up
Their personal wants and desires.
It's investing them in others
Whose hopes are sparks and not fires.

I think they must have a special place,
Reserved because of selves out poured.
But to maintain the desire to care
They must, themselves be restored.

Dear God, I thank you for these
Who give themselves to the ill.
Their lives are more than they are
As their hearts express your will.