What is Class?

Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Class never runs scared. It is sure-footed and confident in the knowledge
that you can meet life head-on and handle whatever comes along.
Class never makes excuses. It takes its lumps and learns from past mistakes.
Class is considerate of others. It knows that good manners are nothing
more than a series of petty sacrifices.
Class bespeaks an aristocracy that has nothing to do with ancestors or money.
The most affluent blueblood can be totally without class while the
descendant of a Welsh miner may ooze class from every pore.
Class never tries to build itself up by tearing others down.
Class is already up and need not strive to look better by making others look worse
Class can "walk with kings and keep its virtue, and talk with crowds and
keep the common touch." Everyone is comfortable with the person who
has class -- because she is comfortable with herself.
If you have class, you don't need much of anything else. If you don't have it,
no matter what else you have -- it doesn't make much difference.


7 Tips for Giving Smart on #givingtuesday
by Christina Bach, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C
November 25, 2015

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