Diagnosis, Cancer

James A. Pharis, Jr.
Copyright © James A. Pharis, Jr.
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Copyright © January 19, 1999, James A. Pharis, Jr.

Shock and worry, anxiety, fear
Are some of the things that hit us hard,
What will happen to those we hold dear?
Are some of the things we must face.

Will anger and pain have their bad day?
Could we even blame God for this grief?
These things give negative all of the say,
Or, can we keep cancer in its place?

What will we do, screams out in our mind.
Will we curl up and die on the spot?
What we can do is determined we find,
By looking out at the whole human race.

Our strength to go through this journey unknown
Comes not from our own resolve and desire.
It builds and becomes our mission, it's shown
As we turn to our God in each case.

What will he have me do in this fight?
The answer does not lie within me.
Realization is a brightening light
As I reach out to help others today.


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