Begins with the Letter C

Helen Diane Gibson
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Copyright © 2001 Helen Diane Gibson

What is this word? What does this mean?
This word is nasty and I no longer feel clean.
All thru my life, I have heard this word,
But it won't happen to me, that's too absurd.
I find a lump and wonder what it could be.
Is it that thing that begins with the Letter "C"?
It can't be that, I am only 32,
But the Dr. confirms my worst fear is true.
They try different things and do alot of tests,
but then I am told, I will still lose my breasts.
After the mammograms, biopsies and MRI,
I begin to wonder, Am I going to die?
When people find out and ask me how I feel?
I say I am fine, because it don't yet seem real.
Then suddenly, reality slaps my in the face,
and I want to run to some other place.
I feel like this thing that begins with the Letter "C",
is ripping my dreams right out of me.
But I have to fight for my 10 year old Angel at home,
I cannot die and leave her all alone.
So to this thing that begins with the Letter "C",
I be damned if you'll get the best of me.