Healing Strategies

Gunnar H. Goerlitz
Exerpted from: Cancer: A Question Of Love © 1996 Gunnar H. Goerlitz
Last Modified: March 30, 2010


After years of orthodox medical intervention my prognosis had taken a sharp turn for the worse. Despite numerous surgeries, chemotherapy, dietary adjustments, and even efforts at stress management, the course of the cancer in my body not only proceeded undeterred, it had deteriorated from "benign" to "grade II/III malignancy". Life threatening. Clearly, I needed to try something different.

Laetrile, faith healing, wheat grass, alternative medicine, what should I do? I didn?t realize it at the time, but I was finally abandoning denial, and facing my situation. I began to think about it, really think about it.

Before long it dawned on me that every response I was contemplating had one thing in common. It was outside intervention. Cancer, it seemed to me, was a little like mushrooms in a lawn. You could mow them down or yank them up forever, they would simply regrow. Until you went after the main body below the surface. I had to get under the surface, under the physical, into the metaphysics of cancer, if I dare put it that way.

So I prayed. I asked God to show me why I had cancer, what, if anything, there was about my psycho-emotional nature that nurtured the cancer within me. Then I meditated, listening for the answer. The answers were not long in coming. The Healing Strategies which I?ve outlined below grew out of those answers.

Today I've outlived my prognosis by nine years. The cystoscopy in December '97 was once again good, with no tumors in evidence. I feel great. I feel the subsurface body of the mushroom is gone, and, though I maintain careful vigilance, I feel healed. Something in those Healing Strategies, some one thing, some combination, or all of it, has saved my life. God?s answer to my prayer. Maybe meant only for me, maybe not. If you are afflicted by this strange confusion of the creative life force within us I pray that something in the Healing Strategies, some combination, or all of it will help you heal yourself.

Attitude Adjustment

Confirm--and reconfirm--a clear, unqualified desire, and will to LIVE. The wish to be free from the troubles of life, from pain or suffering, sneaks in upon all of us sometime. For some of us such thoughts are more potent, and must always be patiently and firmly halted, then replaced with a reconfirmation of the will to live.

Love thyself unconditionally. This sounds simple, yet subtle self-hatred can slip into our thinking, manifesting as self-deprecatory or even self-condemnatory remarks which all of us might make when we get disgusted with ourselves. Such self-destructive responses to our own human fallibility must be treated like the dangerously toxic things that they are, that is, better for ourselves and everyone if not used at all. We must ever strive to be as loving, as patient and as forgiving with ourselves as we would be of infants.

Extend Love to all things and all people, even our enemies. We must unreservedly forgive those who have transgressed against us. In a sense everything is ONE, and to hate, or even just to withhold forgiveness from any part of that oneness is to hate a part of ourselves.

Extend Love even, and especially, to our cancer. This is difficult, but it is critical. Tumors are, after all, merely aggregates of our body cells whose genetic codes have somehow become garbled. They are not little monsters that have invaded our bodies to do us harm. Fearing the cancer, hating it, and fighting it is precisely the wrong response. Opposing an energy seemingly directed against us only adds to its power. Genetic codes must lie at the very heart of the mind/body interface, so to hate those of our own cells which haplessly form tumors could quite concievably intensify their malignancy. Loving our cancer, on the other hand, could serve to re-harmonize these wayward cells, perhaps even paving the way to re-integrating their energies into the glow of our overall health.


See with your mind's eye an image of your body the way you want it to be: in perfect health. The image should be as detailed as you can make it. Identify with that healthy image to the point that you are inside of it in the present tense. That is, consciously experience the sensation of being inside of your perfectly healthy body, accept that sensation into your present (not some future) reality. Give thanks for that perfect health, then release the image from your consciousness, and turn your attention as fully as you can to other things. This last part is very important, for in this way the visualization is "launched". The best time to perform this exercise is as your last act before falling asleep, presenting your body with the desired image that it will strive to manifest as it rejuvenates overnight.

Sidestep depression anytime it arises. Studies have shown that depression suppresses our immune systems, so you should categorize depression as a luxury you cannot afford to indulge in. When the blues come unbidden, try not to do any thinking about things you are dissatisfied with, nor about your situation. Hold it on a level of sweet sadness without wallowing in negatives, and simply wait for it to pass.

Commune with nature as often as possible. The main idea is to get yourself more deeply in tune with naturally healthy growth. Walking in the forest or on the beach is excellent. Another benefit we get from this type of activity is that physical exercise and pleasure strengthens our immune systems.

Express more freely any anger when it arises, especially in response to the little things that may bother you. This may be unpleasant to others around you, but it will avoid sublimating and storing irritation. Negative, destructive energies stored within our beings can only do harm.

Express more freely any happiness when it arises, especially in the form of laughter. Positive, constructive energies flowing through our beings will serve to harmonize them.

Incorporate all the positives that you can into your thinking and your vocabulary, such as "half full" instead of "half empty", or "good" instead of "not bad", and "remember" instead of "don?t forget", and so on.

Re-establish long term planning. A grim prognosis has a nasty way of causing the patient to limit his or her longevity mindset to a few months or years, quite possibly contributing to a self-fulfilling prophesy. Thinking in terms of a normal lifespan will encourage the body to make that happen.

Give your creative drive the fullest and most constructive expression possible. The energy feeding this drive in all of us seems to be boundless, and, considering world history, totally non-judgemental as to the avenue of its expression. If this energy is not directed into constructive channels and expressed to the degree that we feel it, then it is conceivable that it will fall into destructive channels (such as tumor development).

Enter into a contemplative state, then expand your awareness from your head throughout your body until you feel like you are conscious of every cell in your physical being. Center yourself within your heart area, your spiritual heart, then open it to the unlimited power of Divine Love. Let this Love flood into your heart, fill it, and radiate outward, seeing it as a force that is re-harmonizing all areas of dis-ease to the boundaries of your body. It is particularly beneficial if you can extend that feeling to include others, such as your family members, friends, and especially your enemies. Relax and enjoy a feeling of complete wellness in the PRESENT tense (not some future time), while attaching the PAST tense to any thoughts about cancer that sneak into your mind.

While still in the contemplative state of the previous exercise, or at another time, address all of your body?s cells directly, issuing a kindly, yet firm, command. Instruct your cells to reproduce vigorously until the precise number of cells making a youthful, perfectly healthy body is attained, no more, no less. Instruct them to STOP reproducing when that point is reached, beginning again only when and where a true need for cellular replacement arises.

Turn inward as in the previous exercise, but this time turn your attention commandingly to your immune system (helper T cells, lymphocytes, etc.). Give it positive reinforcement for the good work it has been perfoming. Then instruct your immune system to unfailingly find all cells that are superfluous to a healthy body, and tirelessly, lovingly, reabsorb the energies of any and all such unnecessary cells. This energy can be stored or redirected immediately for use as needed to build that healthy body.

After practicing this set of exercises regularly for awhile, adapting them to your own thinking and speaking style, you will find the time needed to go through the whole set shortening to around ten or fifteen minutes.


Author's Note: I am currently on annual monitoring with my urologist, and happily my health continues to be optimal. Thank you for making "Healing Strategies" available to the community.

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