Access and Referral

To receive hospice care, anyone -- a doctor, family member or the person needing care -- may request services. To refer a patient to Wissahickon Hospice:

Call (215) 247-0277 or 1 (800) 700-8807 and ask for the Admissions Office.

Please provide the following information to the Admissions Coordinator:

  • Patient Name, Address, Zip Code and Telephone Number
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Social Security Number
  • Diagnosis and Prognosis
  • Main Family Contact and Telephone Number
  • Admitting Physician Name, Hospital Affiliation and Telephone Number
  • Primary Care Physician (PCP) or Family Physician & Telephone Number
  • Insurance Company Name and Patient ID Numbers
  • Brief Medical Summary
    (including patient's current mental and ambulation status)
  • Other Agencies Servicing Patient and Telephone Numbers


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