You may benefit from professional bereavement services if you're...

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  • Running in "high gear" and restless most of the time; feeling the need to be constantly busy... beyond what is normal for you.

  • Feeling lethargic, listless or depleted most of the time without being refreshed by sleep

  • Engaging in harmful or excessive behaviors that may prove to be dangerous over time (e.g., drinking or smoking more than you used to, using more prescription or non-prescription drugs, driving in an unsafe or reckless manner, contemplating self-destructive thoughts.)

  • Avoiding or withdrawing from persons, places or situations that are reminders of the deceased person.

  • Needing to talk about your loss but trying not to do so for fear of burdening or upsetting others.

  • Wondering whether your grief reaction is normal.

BCS: MarginProbe Reduces Re-Excision Rate Post-Lumpectomy

Sep 13, 2012 - A novel device that emits an electric field and detects cancerous tissue from its characteristic returning signal, known as MarginProbe, may reduce the rate of re-excision for patients undergoing lumpectomy for breast cancer, without a significant increase in the volume of tissue excised, according to a study presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual Breast Cancer Symposium, held from Sept. 13 to 15 in San Francisco.

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