About the Virtual Gallery

The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: March 8, 2002

Confronting Cancer Through Art

Confronting Cancer Through Art is a unique exhibition that gives vision and voice to the experiences of all those who have confronted cancer. Sponsored by the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania and the Arthur Ross Gallery, the juried exhibition includes nearly 200 works and statements by 112 artists. Many of the artists are cancer survivors who used their art as a means of expressing their feelings and coping with their illness. Others created their works in response to the illness of a family member or friend. When issuing a call for submissions, the Cancer Center and the Arthur Ross Gallery hoped to obtain enough works to mount a respectable show. The response was overwhelming. The exhibition was extended to a second gallery, and approximately 90 works were displayed at the two sites during the summer of 1996. Still, it was not enough to accommodate all of the pieces that deserved to be seen. Thus the idea for a Virtual Gallery was born. It is our hope that the Virtual Gallery will bring the powerful and inspirational experience of Confronting Cancer Through Art to cancer suvivors and their loved ones throughout the world.

Honorary Chair
Evelyn H. Lauder

Founder, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Gerald Silk, PhD

Associate Professor, Tyler School of Art, Temple University

Judith Tannenbaum
Associate Director, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania

Dilys Winegrad, Ph.D.
Director/Curator, Arthur Ross Gallery, University of Pennsylvania

Becky Young
Artist, Lecturer in Photography, Graduate School of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania