Material Gifts

Last Modified: November 22, 2010

  • Cancer related Books (for suggestions see OncoLink's Book Reviews).
  • Uplifting Books (Read some of Alysa’s favorites in her blog).
  • Cancer related Nutrition Books.
  • Guided Imagery and Meditation tapes and books.
  • I-Pod or other MP3 player or gift certificate to purchase electronic music.
  • Video game machines or laptop computers to entertain while in the hospital or at treatments (offer to lend an older one you aren't using).
  • E-book readers or gift certificate to buy the books. Be sure you know which reader they have so you get the certificate to the correct place.
  • Audiobooks or books on tape or CD.
  • Answering Machine (This helps to maintain some control over precious time at home).
  • A small stuffed animal or toy. (This is helpful for adults and children alike. It can be very comforting to hold during "down time" in the hospital).
  • Hats, scarves, baseball caps. (This is helpful for patients who will be losing their hair due to chemotherapy).
  • A Personal Calendar – electronic or old fashioned paper!
  • A single lottery ticket (To encourage the patient to think about statistics and how anything is possible -- things can turn around so quickly).
  • Small gifts that encourage the use of imagery. (For example one patient used wolves as a metaphor during his battle with cancer, his friends sent him many gifts with a wolf theme. Angels are also popular).
  • Bookmarkers with uplifting sayings on them.
  • Puzzle books such as crosswords and sodoku.
  • A prepaid phone card (Include a note that they may call you any time they feel like they need a little "pick me up").
  • Special drinking mugs- get one made with a picture of you and the friend.
  • A quiet activity to occupy their time such as a scrap book kit, cards or board games.
  • Easy-to-move luggage (with wheels- for trips to the hospital).
  • Slippers, robes and fashionable pajamas.