Kathleen Wixted Francis

Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Kathleen Wixted Francis - All This Joy
Kathleen Wixted Francis
Wayne, Pennsylvania

All This Joy
73 x 62 inches
Catalog No. 12

When my husband of 30 years was diagnosed with lung cancer, I was devastated. In shock, I picked up whatever project was already started. It seemed my creativity had simply vanished, but my hands still needed to work. Throughout his illness, our doctors told us a positive attitude could make the difference. I needed to believe that. I needed the bright yellows and clear blues that my hands finally reached for. It was truly a joy to sew each stitch with a positive light.

It is strange how the sudden threat of loss makes you realize how precious what you have is. When cancer touches those you care about, it is as if your eyes are suddenly opened to the smell of air, the glint of sun on the water, the warmth of a hug. It is almost as if you need the pain to recognize the promise, as if you need the sorrow to see the joy.


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