Nancy, a 31 year old colon cancer survivor shares these ideas

Last Modified: December 1, 2006

  • A book sent to me, The Victoria's Secret Catalogue Never Stops Coming - and Other Lessons I Learned From Breast Cancer, was helpful. It was comforting to read about some else going through a similar situation and it also helped to pass time.

  • Audio books because when your really sick you can't read and it helps to pass time.
  • I was given a Game Boy with Tetris from a friend and I played it while I was getting treatments and while I was laid up, that really passed the time.
  • I really thought about getting the Clapper at one point, you know it turns the lights on and off, so I wouldn't have to get up!
  • I loved doing crosswords so my Mom and fiancee bought me a few books.
  • PJ'S are always fun - you get sick of sitting around I the same thing all the time. My mother must have bought me 20 pairs!
  • I think that if anyone I ever know goes through this I would get a big basket and fill it with Movies, game books, magazines ,music, HARD CANDY ( helps get rid of the metal taste), a nice lotion, I went through so much.
  • Gift certificates for a cleaning service once a month. I think that might be a little expensive, but you could volunteer to clean.
  • Socks and slippers and robes as these are your major fashion accessories. 
  • I would have loved a massage so maybe a gift certificate for that.
  • The most helpful things to me were cards people sent me. My friend Dani's Mother sent me a card EVERY week and so did a friend of my parents. It sounds so small but it really puts a smile on your face to think people are thinking of you.

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