Your Shadow by Patti Filion

Patti Filion
Copyright © 2001 Patti Filion
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

While standing in the shadow, of a child you hardly knew,
Our thoughts turned to him, ours also turned to you.

It?s hard to be a parent and watch your child die,
It?s also hard to watch the ones as they begin to cry.

They miss you in your absence even if our heart was there,
There just is no good reason, life can be unfair.

We loved you all and always will in case you never knew,
Our life is so much richer now and it?s all because of you.

Your brother?s time on earth was short and we gave what we could give,
For when its said and done my child we must go on and live.

We are proud of you and all you do and the way you were back then,
You gave us time to fight the fight in hopes that we would win.

Years have passed and time moves on but memories remain,
Of all the love you?ve given and all the love we?ve gained.

Thank you for your courage, back then when things were sad,
Standing in the shadows of our love you always had.

Dedicated To Our Children
November 2000


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