Ann Marie Dismuke

Ann Marie Dismuke
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Author of My Miracle with NK Cell Leukemia.

On November 30th, I had my 6-month doctor's appointment...and mymiracle continues. There are no leukemia cells and my blood work isperfect. We are absolutely thrilled that I've been given more time andquality time at that.

All of my side effects of chemo have left nerve damage ormuscle atrophy in my body. I am living a normal life. It's been now two years since my first diagnosis. My husband and I are traveling quite a bit...Italy this past September, which was absolutely beautiful, emotional and spiritual, Arizona in February, 2000 and Australia, New Zealand and Fiji in August, 2000.

Let me share with you my experience while in Rome. We were on a walking tour of Christian Rome this one day. We came upon the Scale Sancta (better known as the Holy Stairs). According to tradition, our Lord climbed these 28 stairs at the time of judgment by Pontius Pilate. In 326 they were moved from Jerusalem to Rome. The holy stairs may only be ascended on the knees by pilgrims and the Roman faithful.

Not knowing the history behind this, I started to kneel on the firststep with others. I was compelled to go further and found my self at the top of the stairs before I knew it. I prayed on each step, thanking our Lord for my wonderful miracle. My husband without my realizing it, walked up the side stairwell where he took a very moving photo shot of me. We hugged and cried a lot. Not only was this an emotional moment, but both my knees were blood-bruised, and I had absolutely no pain then or the rest of the trip.

Yes, I am truly blessed and my mission now is to help those who are notquite as fortunate. As they say, everything happens for a reason. The positive lesson learned for me is that God has the master plan, and we should live and love each day as it were our last day. I hope all of you have a blessed holiday.



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