Flushing Your Tube

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If you are not using your feeding tube every day, flush with 60 cc of warm tap water once a day to keep the tube open. A new syringe should be used every week. If you give feedings everyday, flush the tube with 60cc warm tap water before and after feeding. Rinse the syringe after using.

You will need the following supplies:

  • (1) 60 cc syringe
  • (1) Clean cup with warm tap water

Procedure for Flushing Your Tube

  1. Wash your hands (see Handwashing section for more information).
  2. Fill the syringe with 60 cc of warm tap water.
  3. Clamp the feeding tube.
  4. Remove the cap or disconnect the feeding bag, if you have just finished a feeding.
  5. Attach the syringe to the tube and unclamp.
  6. Flush by slowly pushing water into the tube.
  7. Clamp the tube again.
  8. Put the cap back on the feeding tube and tape the connection.


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