Accessing the Implanted Port

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Penn Home Infusion Team
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

You will need the following supplies:

  • (1) 10 cc syringe with Cannula attached
  • (1) 100u/cc vial heparin
  • (1) Vial Adapter
  • (1) bent Huber needle with mini tubing
  • (1) sterile dressing kit
  • tape
  • sterile gloves
  • Injection Site


  1. Wash your hands (See Handwashing section for more information.)
  2. Open sterile dressing kit on a clean, dry, flat surface.
  3. Open Huber needle package and drop on sterile barrier alongside dressing kit.
  4. Open interlink injection site.
  5. Attach injection site to end of Huber needle tubing. Be careful not to touch the Huber needle.
  6. Wipe interlink injection site with alcohol. Set down in sterile field.
  7. Flip off the top of Heparin ( 100 u/cc) vial and clean with alcohol wipe and let dry.
  8. Remove cover from Vial Adapter.
  9. Firmly insert vial adapter into Heparin vial.
  10. Carefully open 10 cc syringe.
  11. Pull back the plunger and draw up 5 cc air. (See picture #8)
  12. Remove cap from syringe.
  13. Insert Cannula syringe into center of vial adapter (100 u/cc) and turn over.
  14. Inject 5 cc air and withdraw 5 cc Heparin. (See picture #11)
  15. Remove syringe from heparin vial and remove all air from syringe.
  16. Carefully pick up bent needle by the interlink injection site. DO NOT TOUCH THE NEEDLE!
  17. Insert 10 cc syringe filled with 5 cc heparin (100 u/cc) into interlink injection site and flush heparin until it goes through the needle to get rid of all the air. Place on sterile barrier.
  18. Put on sterile gloves.
  19. Open the alcohol swabs. With each swab, scrub the skin over the port using a circular motion from inside out.
  20. Repeat, using the betadine swabs. Let dry.
  21. Remove the extra betadine with the large gauze pad.
  22. Open the betadine ointment package and place back in sterile tray.
  23. Remove cover on implanted port needle.
  24. With your _______ hand (nondominant), find the center of the port and place two fingers on the edges of the port to steady it.
  25. Hold the bent needle with your hand _______(dominant). While applying pressure with your index finger over where the needle bends, insert the needle into the center of the port. Push in the needle until you feel the back of the nort and vou cannot advance the needle any further.
  26. With your _______ hand (nondominant), flush the port with 5 cc of heparin.
  27. Apply the Betadine ointment around the needle site.
  28. Apply 2 x 2 split sponge around needle.
  29. Apply 2 x 2 sponge over top of split dressing.
  30. Remove your gloves and apply medipore to secure dressing.
    1. If you are unsure that the needle is in the correct position DO NOT INFUSE ANY SOLUTIONS. Remove the needle and go back to the first step of accessing the port.
    2. If you are certain the needle is in the correct position try lying down or moving in different positions and then try flushing again.
    3. Make sure you can feel the needle touching the back of the port, and try to flush again.
    4. If you are still unable to flush, STOP and remove the bent needle. Notify your physician.