Peripheral Catheter

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A Peripheral Catheter is an intravenous line placed in a vein in your arm. The type of catheter you have is called a _____________________.

Care of Peripheral Catheters

A nurse will care for your peripheral IV catheter (change the catheter and dressing).

You must look at the site where the catheter enters your arm twice a day. Report any redness, swelling, pain or drainage to the nurse.

Flushing Peripheral Catheters

  1. PICC lines (this includes Landmark® catheters).
    • Flush once a day and/or after your infusion with 3 cc of saline (if required) followed by 3 cc of 100 units/cc heparin.
  2. Heparin locks (this includes Streamline catheters).
    • Flush once a day with 1 cc of 100 units/cc heparin.


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