Cancer gets served

Richard Harvey
Copyright © 2006 Richard Harvey
Last Modified: December 3, 2006

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I am putting you on notice
Today I see you
For what you are
You are weak, unwelcome
And I see you for
The disorganized
Mistake you are
You are not me
You are small, weak
And beaten up
Washed away in
A tidal wave
Of immune system swoops
You are weak
And I am learning
To see you
For what you are
Amorphous-soul tissue
That doesn't belong
And is not welcome because
You don't know when to stop
I'm kicking your ass
I'm going to live
And you
Small and weak
Though you are
Have to go
Your power over me
Is diminishing
Every instant
Time moves forward
You are separate
And my chemo
Alternate medicinal
Nutrition loving
Dream manifesting mind
Self is putting
You on notice
Your are getting
Weaker every second
You are getting smaller
And going away.

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