Frank Talarico

Last Modified: November 1, 2001

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Frank Talarico - Memorial Urn #1
Frank Talarico
Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Memorial Urn #1
Raku pottery, copper, wood
17 x 8 inches diameter
Catalog No. 47A
Frank Talarico - Memorial Urn #2

Memorial Urn #2
Raku pottery
16 x 6 1/2 inches diameter
Catalog No. 47B

In 1993, my grandfather passed away from complications due to colon cancer. It was startling discovery to all the men in my family when we realized the disease was hereditary. My father then discovered he was suffering from an enlarged prostate. While dealing with the death of my grandfather and my father's newly discovered problems, I buried myself in school, primarily in pottery, which allowed me to focus and keep things in perspective.

Memorial Urn #1 draws inspiration from the metalworking tools I inherited from my grandfather. The copper inlays on this piece show his impact on my life. Memorial Urn #2 is rooted in my ability to cope with stress. With every new urn, a little weight is lifted from my head, shoulders and heart.

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