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Shroud of the Prophet gold leaf/egg tempera on panel 12 x 12 inches 1995

This is a symbolic portrait of my father, who died of esophageal cancer on December 5, 1995. The central image is of my father (not a likeness). The border shows images from a tootsie pop, representing the era of my father's birth, and images that remind me of his life.

Do You Love Me? chine collé/serigraph/monotype 22 x 30 inches 1995

Visually layered images that relate (to me) the life and death process and its relationship to love. Very confusing image, but that's what I was after. This is my statement relating, in part, to feelings of dealing with terminal cancer and my father.


Breaking news: Supreme Court votes to uphold Affordable Care Act Subsidies
by Christina Bach, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C
June 26, 2015

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