A Guide to Chemotherapy

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Facing the diagnosis of cancer and having to choose a treatment can be a very difficult time. Eli Lilly offers these tools to help you begin your journey.

Before You Begin Chemotherapy
This piece will give you information you need to partner with your doctor about which chemotherapy drug is right for you. It will give you questions to ask about your treatment and suggestions about how to communicate your needs so that your doctor can suggest the chemotherapy drug that best meets the needs of your cancer and also your needs as a person.

A Guide to Therapy
This piece will help you understand some of your feelings in the early part of your diagnosis and, more importantly, steps that you will need to take to re-gain control of your life and make informed decisions about your care.

Therapy Planner
Use this tool as you talk with your doctor about the plan for your treatment. The calendar can be used to keep track of appointments while the back side can be used to help in the discussion with your doctor about which side effects you might experience with each chemotherapy drug.