James Pharis, Jr.
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A legacy is something left to the living.
It's most often intended as a gift of love.
It's money, or lands, or other tangibles.
But the legacy I have came from above.

In God's great scheme of this world,
In which those who have gone before share,
Not suffering and pain, but sustaining power,
Has been transferred from God I'm aware.

Those who have walked the road of cancer,
Have been blessed by those who have gone before.
I, too am the legatee of what they endured.
It is their gift of patience and hope and more.

May my journey up this road be one of hope.
Each day it confronts me with what might be.
But, the longer I live the more I can give,
To those who come after, more hope to see.


7 Tips for Giving Smart on #givingtuesday
by Christina Bach, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C
November 25, 2015

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