The Group Room

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Last Modified: July 20, 2006

The Group RoomVital Options® International TeleSupport® Cancer Network is a not-for-profit cancer communications, support and advocacy organization whose mission is to facilitate a global cancer dialogue by using communications technology to reach every person touched by cancer.

We are also pleased to let you know that we have cleared several new markets for The Group Room and will now be heard live in several new cities on 69 stations, reaching 90 major cities. For an extensive list, please visit our website at

Callers worldwide can call into the show toll-free to voice their opinions, question and concerns. Callers from the U.S. dial 1-800-GRP-ROOM (1-800-477-7666). For station information and additional toll-free access codes for other countries please go to or Each program of The Group Room is also archived online and can be heard through Real Player or Windows Media Player via the website.

The Group Room(r) can be heard live every Sunday from 1-3pm PT/4-6pm ET and is simulcast live on the Internet.

To listen live on the Internet, listen to past shows, or get a list of stations, go to

To email a question during the broadcast, please send it to:

To participate on the broadcast, please call 800-GRP-ROOM 800-477-7666

Cancer Survivors, Family Members, Cancer Advocacy Organizations and Healthcare Professionals, we welcome your voices, comments and questions this Sunday in The Group Room.