And When She Was Bad

Lois Tschetter Hjelmstad
From: Fine Black Lines: Reflections on Facing Cancer, Fear and Loneliness. Mulberry Hill Press, 1998
Last Modified: May 6, 2003

You've seen the ugly side of me
The livid, darkened, screwed up face
You've heard me shout some bitter words
(intense for even human race)

You've watched me tear up tender roots
Of love, and hurl them to the wind
(In total rage at faith and light)
And wondered how some day I'd mend
The fences that are trampled down

And yet-your arms are always there
Your heart absorbs the fiercest blows
Your rough hands stroke my rumpled hair

You rock me 'til my inner child
Has spent her fury and her fear
And when she smiles and reaches out
She finds that you, my love, are here.