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Call for Survivor's Artwork

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The editors at OncoLink believe that our lives and the lives of our patients are enriched by taking time to open experiences which stir the human spirit. Artwork encourages vision, hope and imagination, all of which nurture the healing process. This virtual exhibit seeks to honor each patient or caregiver whose artwork is to be supported and respected.

What type of submissions are we looking for?

We want artwork that will touch the heart & encourage the spirit. Our artwork pages are personal and often filled with emotion. They are real works by real cancer patients and the people who love them. Since launching our virtual art exhibit in 1994 numerous exhibits from other organizations have been spawned. We hope to continue our long tradition of integrating the arts into the cancer experience.

By way of example, please take the opportunity to enjoy Creative Inspiration, we hope you will be interested in contributing to this inspirational and on going series.

About your submission

There are no strict guidelines for submission. Editors at OncoLink reserve the right to change or omit the names of people and places.

How long will my artwork be displayed?

An enduring virtual exhibition will be held on OncoLink.

The exhibition goals are to make a statement about the ways in which cancer affects all those it touches, patients, family, and friends. The exhibit is designed to make our readers aware of the cancer experience and create a sense of community and support. We are looking for artists whose work expresses the exhibit's theme, in any media or style. Entries will be chosen on the basis of relevance to the theme.

How to submit your artwork

Please send your submissions using the form below.

If your work is chosen for inclusion on OncoLink, you will be contacted by our Managing Editor.


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