Ways for cancer patients and caregivers to cope with cancer, side effects, nutrition, general cancer support issues, grief/end of life issues, and shared survivor's experiences.

Caregivers Information and support for family members and loved ones of cancer patients who are accepting the challenge of being the caregivers outside of the hospital setting. Coping With Cancer Topics include coping with a cancer diagnosis, common concerns after a new diagnosis, talking with children, coping with recurrence fears and metastatic disease. Creative Inspiration Inspiration and encouragement from other survivors through their art, writing, poetry and tips. Distress Screening Response Tools (DSRT) Patient centered education materials to promote patient empowerment and self management of cancer related distress. **This section is under construction – new things are being added every week!** Exercise & Cancer Information about the benefits of exercise during and after cancer treatment and therapist created exercise regimens to get you started! Hospice Care & Bereavement Comfort and support for patients and families who are experiencing a life-limiting illness or the loss of a loved one. Insurance, Employment & Financial Concerns Information and resources related to financial and employment concerns, insurance and pharmacy issues. Legal & Ethical Issues Articles addressing legal and ethical concerns, including ADA, advanced care planning, FMLA, etc. Nutrition and Cancer These articles can be a helpful tool in coping with a variety of nutritional issues that people face during and after cancer treatment. OncoPilot: Navigating the Cancer Journey This guide has been developed to give you suggestions on ways to make a new diagnosis of cancer easier and to help you make the best decisions during this emotional time. It is important for the patient to become an active member of his or her healthcare team. Resources Resources to improve your cancer experience. Sexuality & Fertility Help and hope for patients experiencing changes in sexuality and fertility due to cancer treatment side effects. Side Effects A wealth of knowledge to help patients deal with the side effects of cancer treatment such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, infection, and pain. Survivorship Information and inspiration concerning the life-long health care, emotional, and social needs of cancer survivors. Looking for a survivorship clinic near you? Search the OncoLink Survivorship Clinic Listings. Tips in a Minute Educational handouts for a variety of psychosocial topics that can be used to address concerns identified in distress screening of cancer patients.


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