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I am
  (at a particular point in treatment)

I wonder
  (something you are actually curious about)

I hear
  (a sound, a voice)

I see
  (a sight, a scene)

I want
  (an actual desire)

I am
  (the first line of the poem repeated)


I pretend
  (describe a secret wish)

I feel
  (an emotion related to the secret wish)

I touch
  (an imaginary touch)

I worry
  (something that really bothers you)

I ask
  (a question without a simple answer)

I am
  (the first line of the poem repeated)


I understand
  (something you know is true)

I believe
  (something else you know is true)

I dream
  (something you actually dream about)

I trust
  (something you believe in)

I hope
  (something you actually hope for)

I am
  (the first line of the poem repeated)

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