Nutrition During and After Cancer Treatment

Articles about nutrition issues, including diarrhea, loss of appetite and more, written by OncoLink's nutrition experts. Links to useful websites about nutrition issues.
Nutrition During Cancer Treatment: Overview
In-depth overview of nutrition during cancer treatment and discussed the most common nutritional issues faced during cancer treatment, including diarrhea, poor appetite, mouth sores, constipation, nausea and weight gain/loss.
Loss of Appetite
This handout offers tips for coping with a loss of appetite from cancer and cancer therapy.
Protein Needs During Cancer Treatment
Discusses the importance of protein during cancer treatment, what foods contain protein and how to increase your intake of protein.
Taste Changes During Cancer Therapy
This hand-out provides tips for managing taste changes associated with cancer and treatment.
Low Fiber Diet for Diarrhea
Addresses using a low fiber diet to control diarrhea, what foods to eat and what to avoid, especially for those with cancer or undergoing cancer therapy.
Post-Esophagectomy Diet
Provides tips to coping with common side effects after esophagectomy, what foods to avoid and what to substitute for them.
Colon, Rectal and Anal Cancer: Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked nutritional questions during treatment for colorectal and anal cancers.
Soy and Breast Cancer: Should breast cancer survivors eat soy foods?
Recommendations surrounding soy consumption by breast cancer survivors.
General Guidelines for Nutrition and Surgery
Good nutrition is an important part of recovery after surgery. A well balanced diet, including protein and vitamin C, helps play an important role in healing and re-building tissue after surgery.
Nutrition During Treatment Resource Websites
Useful websites for cancer nutritional information.
Developments in the fight against cancer cachexia