Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

The side effects of radiation therapy vary from patient to patient. Learn more about possible side effects of radiation therapy.
What are the side effects of radiation therapy?
An introduction to the most common side effects experienced during radiation therapy.
Skin Reactions From Radiation
Information on caring for your skin during radiation therapy.
Esophagitis is a painful inflammation of the esophagus caused by cancer treatment.
Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)
This hand-out answers questions about and offers tips for coping with dry mouth (xerostomia) resulting from radiation treatment.
Hair Loss (Alopecia) From Radiation Treatment
This side effect handout answers questions about and offers tips for coping with hair loss caused by radiation therapy.
Taste Changes During Cancer Therapy
This hand-out provides tips for managing taste changes associated with cancer and treatment.
Vaginal Dilators for Radiation Therapy
Instructions and tips for using dilators after pelvic radiation therapy.
Tips for Dealing with Urinary Incontinence (for women)
An introduction to urinary incontinence, tips to cope with UI and exercises to strengthen the muscles that control urinary flow.