Diet and Preventing Recurrence of Breast Cancer

Last Modified: March 19, 2010


Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts,"

I take a great deal of interest in my diet and want to do what I can to prevent relapse of my breast cancer. I was treated 6 years ago. I see that you speak about weight loss, changes in bone density and info on changes that may affect weight. I am interested in understanding these dynamics, so I can make the right nutritional choices. Where do I read and study the latest knowledge that you and others have acquired? I have been vegetarian (for long periods vegan) for about 8-9 years now and am comfortable with that. I basically practice Dr. Joel Furhmann's "Eat to Live" approach and a very low calorie diet based on fruit and veg. Thank you in advance.


Karen Wagner MS, RD, LDN, Clinical dietitian specialist for the Abramson Cancer Center, responds:

It is great that you are being so proactive about your diet and health. It sounds like your current practices would be in line with recommendations to reduce risk for breast cancer recurrence. For all breast cancer survivors we do recommend getting Vitamin D- 25-OH checked and replete low levels if needed. I recommend this too for vegetarians and vegans. To keep up to date in my field I read a number of journals and books. I rely heavily on recommendations and research by AICR at Diana Dyer is a breast cancer survivor with a number of good resources and links and her website is

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