Cholelithiasis and gall bladder cancer

Maggie Hampshire RN, BSN, OCN
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

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I recently had my gallbladder removed. The diagnosis was:
"Cholecystitis" and "Cholelithiasi"
I saw a reference to 'Cholelithiasis' and cancer. What is this? and is it related to/cause cancer?

Maggie Hampshire RN, BSN, OCN, Managing Editor of OncoLink responds:

The term cholecystitis refers to an inflammation of the gallbladder, while the term Cholelithiasis refers to gall stones. Cholelithiasis has been linked to cancer of the gallbladder, although studies have shown that only 0.5% of patients with gallstones (cholelithiasis) have cancer. For more information, please see the Gallbladder disease menu on OncoLink.

However, in your case, since your gallbladder has already been removed, it has presumably been examined for the evidence of cancer. Please consult your physician for more details.

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