Nutritional Supplements Drinks after Radiation

Last Modified: June 8, 2012


My husband has trouble with thick secretions after radiation, but also we are trying to maintain his weight. People had suggested Boost, but I am worried that" a milk-like product" will only make things thicker. Are there other options?


Valaree Williams MS RD LDN, Clinical Dietitian Specialist, Department of Radiation Oncology at Penn Medicine, responds:

Products such as Boost and Ensure can be helpful in supplementing the diet with additional calories and protein for weight gain. The idea that milk products increase mucous production is a common myth but not well supported by the literature. If you would like to try non-milky consistency products, you could try Ensure clear (previously known as Ensure Enlive!) or resource breeze. These are both juice based products with additional calories and protein; both can be ordered online or Resource Breeze is often available at Walgreen's.

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