Alternatives to Chemotherapy

Last Modified: September 17, 2012


Our English Mastiff was very recently diagnosed with lymphoma and started on prednisone. I'm looking for alternatives to chemotherapy and wondering if there are any successful alternatives? I've also read that a diet free of grains may slow the cancer, is this accurate? what are the panel's thoughts on the Budwig diet or flax oil/cottage cheese combination?

Erika Krick, VMD, DACVIM, Veterinary Medical Oncologist, University of Pennsylvania, responds:


There are currently no alternative therapies that have been proven to successfully treat cancer in dogs and cats; however, some information in people indicates that such therapies may decrease side effects from chemotherapy and radiation therapy. There are no clinical studies of grain free diets in dogs with cancer. I would recommend that you consult a holistic veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist with your diet questions.

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