Is My Pet Suffering?

Last Modified: September 17, 2012


How do I know if my pet is suffering?

Lili Duda, VMD, MBE, DACVR Veterinary Radiation Oncologist- University of Pennsylvania, responds:


Suffering is a hard thing to define and quantify, whether it is happening in a pet or a person. For our veterinary patients, we assume that if something would hurt or distress a person, it would also hurt or distress a pet. If a pet is not able to do the things that make it happy, such as playing with a ball, going for a walk, enjoying a meal, or comfortably use the litter box, he or she may be suffering. The duration of the distress or discomfort also makes a difference. If a pet has symptoms we think we can make better with supportive care and medication, it may be worth trying treatment. When a pet is at a point where we have exhausted our treatment options and nothing is working, we are at a point where we can't alleviate suffering.

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