Ten Year Survival With Aromatase Inhibitor Use

The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Last Modified: December 13, 2011


What are the statistics of 10-year survival of Arimidex based on? Low risk breast cancer patients having lumpectomies? Single mastectomies? Bilateral mastectomies? Locations of tumors? etc. What were the circumstances in the studies and are they all lumped together when arriving at the statistics of improving odds from 85% to 91%?


Kevin Fox, MD, Medical Oncologist at Penn , responds:

The 10-year survival for low risk patients taking arimdex is excellent, and probably exceeds 95%. The figure is regardless of tumor location or type of surgery, so tumor location and type of operation don't matter. The figures you quote were derived from a study, which included patients with high risk breast cancers as well, so the overall figures are worse than what they are for you or for patients with low risk cancers.

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