Support Groups and Prostate Cancer

Kenneth R. Blank, MD
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Dear OncoLink "Ask the Experts,"
My dad has prostate cancer. It is contained and his PSA is 15.9 - he has been offered two choices - radiation or surgery. We think we will go for surgery but would like to hear from other people who have had prostate surgery. We have a few questions: How did you feel after surgery, mentally & physically?

Were you impotent and how did that affect you? Any Depression? If you had to choose again - would you choose surgery? He is very concerned about the Impotence and desperately needs to hear from others who have gone through this ordeal Please ask any one to contact us on the above email address, just so that he can have some idea. Thanks for your assistance. PS: He is scheduled for surgery in about two weeks.  

Kenneth R. Blank, MD, OncoLink Editorial Assistant, responds:

Dear SD:
Thank you for your question.

OncoLink provides a wealth of information concerning the diagnosis, treatment and general care of patients with prostate cancer. The following link is a good starting area for those interested in prostate cancer:

Oncolink Section Prostate Cancer

OncoLink also provides our readers an opportunity to automatically subscribe to email discussion groups. These groups are unmoderated discussions for patients, family, friends, researchers, and physicians to discuss clinical and non-clinical issues and advances pertinent to the problems of specific cancers. The prostate cancer discussion group can be subscribed to via OncoLink on the following page:

Prostate Cancer ListServs


Kenneth R. Blank, MD


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