ProstRcisionTreatment for Prostate Cancer

Li Liu, MD
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

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I've heard a new treatment called prostRcision for prostate cancer that is being advertised by some radiation oncologists. Can you give me some inside view on this? Any information would be helpful.  

Li Liu, MD, OncoLink Editorial Assistant, responds:

The term "prostRcision" was first coined by Frank A. Critz, M.D. in Atlanta, Georgia. It is basically a combination of interstitial radioactive seed brachytherapy followed by conformal external beam radiation in an attempt to eradicate the prostate gland without surgery. Both methods of radiation have been in existence for years, although the combination of brachytherapy and external beam radiotherapy is a newer concept.

The results of "ProstRcision" appear to be comparable to radical prostatectomy. Some people argue that this is probably overkill for some early stage diseases. Patient selection is the key. The best candidates for this procedure probably are the ones with locally advanced diseases. However, long-term follow up is needed before we draw any definitive conclusions.

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