Transperineal Biopsy

Alan J. Wein, MD
Last Modified: February 24, 2002


Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts,"

What is the best way to get an accurate prostate biopsy when you do not have a rectum due to surgery for colitis?  


Alan J. Wein, MD, Professor and chair of the Division of Urology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Chief of Urology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, responds:

In patients who do not have a rectum a prostate biopsy can be done by using an ultrasound probe to visualize the prostate and guiding the needle which is inserted through the skin of the perineum (area between the scrotum and anus). The ultrasound probe is generally applied either just above the pubis or against the perineum. It is helpful to have a radiologist or an urologist who is experienced in this procedure to obtain optimal results.


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