Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements

Last Modified: May 7, 2010


Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts,"

Am I able to make arrangements to pay for a funeral while I am alive, so that should I pass, my children will not have to worry about that?


William J. Wahl III, Financial Advisor at Rockwell Associates and Friend of OncoLink, responds:

Many funeral homes offer advanced planning services, which allow you the opportunity to make all of your final arrangements while you are alive.

There are several benefits to this advanced planning. It allows you to determine what you want your final arrangements to be and manage the associated cost. This can help to elevate the emotional and economic strain to your heirs and beneficiaries who would otherwise have to make some difficult decisions while morning their loss.

Advanced planning services typically come with personalized payment plans and depending on your age and eligibility may allow you to utilize Medicaid benefits toward the cost.

In the event you live for many more years, "pre-paying” for final arrangements now also gives you and your heirs cost protection against the inflationary impact on these expenses in the future.

Start by asking Friends or Religious leaders in your community for recommendations on funeral homes in your area.

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