Veterinary Social Workers

Last Modified: September 17, 2012


What is the role of the social worker in veterinary oncology?

Christina Bach, Oncology Social Worker at Penn Medicine, responds:

Veterinary social workers and bereavement counselors are available at many large academic veterinary hospitals. There are also many bereavement counselors who specialize in pet loss counseling and support. Veterinary social workers can help you and your family cope with the impact of your pet's cancer on the family, find resources for support, connect you with support groups as well as plan for end of life care and bereavement support. Veterinary social workers have specialized training and knowledge about the human animal bond as well as the impact and specialized nature of pet loss and bereavement. The social worker can also be available to be present with your before/during/after euthanasia as well as help you think of ways to memorialize and remember your pet.

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