Assistance With Medication Co-Pays

Assistance With Medication Co-Pays


I am self-employed and have no prescription coverage. I have not been able to work much since my diagnosis of cancer therefore my income has really been greatly reduced. One of my prescribed medication costs $30 per pill. Is there any help to receive medications at a reduced cost or at no cost?


Jodi Sandos, MSW, LSW, Oncology Social Worker at Penn Medicine, responds:

Many pharmaceutical companies have Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) available for their oncology medications. It would require you complete an application and provide income and financial information. Patients can be approved and receive the medication at no cost. Depending on the program and the medication, the medication would get delivered to the patient at home or in some cases delivered to your doctor’s office (who prescribed the medication).

There are also organizations that can assist with co payments for medications.

Below are some of the resources:
Healthwell Foundation www.healthwellfoundation.org
Patient Access Foundation www.patientaccessnetwork.org
Patient Advocate Foundation www.copays.org
Patient Services Incorporated www.uneedpsi.org
Needy Meds www.needymeds.com

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