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Morning Susans, Rodgers Forge, Maryland
black and white photograph
16 x 16 inches
Baltimore, Maryland

"In Remembrance of My Friend, Patrick Harnett"

For over 16 years, I knew Pat as my friend. We kidded about how any person could really change the entire world if one had the necessary tools -- education, attitude, music ability, or artistic inclination. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The night before his scheduled surgery, things did not look good. He doubted he would change the world in his lifetime.

Our lives and our art all interact with others, and these others interact with an infinite number of others throughout our lives. He changed my view of art, and he changed my compositional vision of landscape photography. So, in the end, he changed the fence. He changed the black-eyed susans, and he changed the ferns. What else needs to be done to change the world?

Bamboo in Snow, Towson, Maryland
Black and white photograph
16 x 20 inches


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