The Breast Cancer Companion

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Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Breast Cancer Companion cover Author: Kathy LaTour
Publisher: William Marrow & Co, Inc.
Price: $22.00, $17 Paperback
ISBN: 0380719967

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Reprinted with permission of the publisher

This 506-page book combines the dynamic personal account of a woman who survived breast cancer with the voices of more than 75 other survivors to provide a broad range of experiences to the newly diagnosed woman. Kathy LaTour wrote thisbook after she faced what man other women have complained about: the lack ofwritten information about a vast array of issues surrounding the journey ofbreast cancer -- from beginning to end. LaTour, the other survivors, and the menwho care for them, highlight the major aspects of breast cancer, including theshock of diagnosis, advice on choosing a physician, treatment options, survival,and death and dying.

This book includes the expertise of surgeons, psychologists, and other breast cancer specialists, but is written with the compassion that only someone who haslived through the experiences can deliver. LaTour leaves no stone unburned. Sheaddresses many issues often overlooked in other discussions about breast cancer --depression, complementary therapies, surviving at a place of employment, sexuality,and parenting after breast cancer, to name a few. She even touches on details suchas what to pack for a hospital stay and what to take along for children who visit.She reminds us that cancer affects not only the woman, but also her family andfriends. This is a "must read" for anyone who has been affected by breast cancer and for health care professionals who care for these women and theirfamilies.

LaTour has also produced two videos for professionals and some of the womenand men in the book. Diagnosis and Decision Making (Video #1) and The Male Perspective: Husbands Talk About Breast Cancer (Video #2) areavailable for $35. each from Kathy LaTour, The Breast Cancer Companion Tapes,P. Box 141182, Dallas, TX 75214.