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Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Petrea King is a leukemia survivor who has developed many support and meditation groups for people with cancer and life threatening illnesses. She is a best selling author, lecturer, counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, herbalist, masseuse, and meditation teacher. She has counseled over 15,000 people and facilitated over 5,000 support groups. Her Quest for Life Centre provides support and educational programs for people with life threatening illnesses. She encourages people to use their serious illness as a catalyst for spiritual growth and understanding. This, she believes, will help them to "create an environment for healing within the body, mind, and spirit."

She has developed a number of relaxation and informational audiotapes to help patients with life threatening illnesses. These tapes provide instructions on meditation exercises, guided relaxation, and visualization techniques to bring about comfort and peace in the participant. Ms. King hopes that "these qualities spill over into every part of your life and give you practical tools for living with increased joy and enthusiasm."

'Living Well with Cancer' is an audio cassette that gives advice on dealing with the diagnosis, treatment and emotional issues surrounding cancer. Side A discusses simple and practical guidelines for addressing many of the issues in a cancer patient's daily life. Petrea gives some basic recommendations on living life to the fullest, and becoming an active participant in the road to recovery. Side B contains relaxation exercises guided by Petrea.

'Healing Journey,' 'Soar Like an Eagle,' and 'Dolphin Magic' each contain meditation exercises on Side A. Petrea leads the listener through guided relaxation and visualization techniques. On Side B, each tape contains soothing music intended for self-guided meditation and relaxation. These tapes are not only restful physically, but emotionally as well.

'Sleep Easy' is intended to help the listener fall asleep and attain deep relaxation. Petrea guides the listener into a deep restful state. The tape is accompanied by low pitched, relaxing music in the background. Side B consists of music only.

'Learning to Meditate' is an excellent introduction into the techniques of meditation. Petrea explains the concepts of physical and mental relaxation. Stress management and relaxation techniques are also reviewed. Side B contains guided breathing and relaxation exercises.

Overall, the series of tapes is an excellent introduction and guide to meditation and relaxation techniques. Although the tapes are aimed at those with life threatening illnesses, all people who are involved in the care and emotional support of these individuals may benefit from the tapes.

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