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Yoga For Dummies front coverAuthors: Georg Feuerstein, PhD and Larry Payne, PhD
Publisher: IDG Books Worldwide, INC.
ISBN: 0-7645-5117-5

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Complementary medical techniques have gained increased popularity in recent years within the general population. Yoga is both a physical and spiritual experience that may help some cancer patients manage stress and place life in perspective. There are a number of books about Yoga, but Yoga for Dummies is clearly one of the best introductory books on the market. Before starting any exercise program such as Yoga, consult your physician. There may be some positions or postures that may need to be avoided in specific circumstances.

This is a fine addition to the best-selling "For Dummies" book series targeted to beginners. Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D. and Larry Payne, Ph.D. are both considered international experts in the field of Yoga. They have teamed up to write Yoga for Dummies, an excellent introduction to the techniques involved in Yoga. The authors state, "whether you are interested in becoming more flexible, fitter, less stressed out, or more peaceful and joyful, this book contains all the good counsel and practical exercises to start you in the right direction."

Yoga for Dummies is well organized and is a complete introduction to Yoga. The format is similar to other "For Dummies" books and will provide the reader with a solid foundation for starting Yoga. Icons are used throughout the margins of the book to alert the reader to helpful points. Photographs and diagrams are used along with explicit directions so the reader performs the postures and exercises correctly. Show your physician the exercises outlined in the book to make sure they are safe for your particular situation.

This book will provide a strong framework for anyone interested in starting the practice of Yoga. Cancer patients may find it helpful for relaxation and the relief of stress. Yoga for Dummies is recommended by OncoLink as an introduction to Yoga.


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