Be a Survivor: Lung Cancer Treatment Guide

Reviewed by: Carolyn Vachani, RN, MSN, AOCN
The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: November 29, 2009

Be a Survivor - Lung Cancer Treatment Guide

Author: Vladimir Lange, MD
Publisher: Lange Productions, 2009
Price: $24.95 US | 186 pages
ISBN: 9780981948911
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Dr. Vladimir Lange (the author) and his wife, Mandy, are both physicians, yet when they first learned that Mandy had breast cancer, they were overwhelmed with the information being presented to them. This led Dr. Lange to create the Be A Survivor series, which includes guides to breast cancer and colon cancer. People facing these diagnoses have many informative books and websites available to them. This is not the case for those with a lung cancer diagnosis. Two hundred twenty thousand people will be diagnosed this year, yet there are few resources, few celebrity champions and few advocates fighting for research funding. As an oncology nurse, I believe every patient facing a cancer diagnosis has a right- and a duty- to learn about their disease and become their own advocate. This is no different for those with lung cancer. Dr. Lange’s newest addition to the series, Be a Survivor: Lung Cancer Treatment Guide, empowers patients and their loved ones with the information needed to fight the disease head-on.

A diagnosis of lung cancer is certainly overwhelming, but the book presents the basics of lung cancer and it’s treatment in a clear and concise manner, making it readable even under the stress of a new diagnosis. The book discusses the first steps after a diagnosis, including facing fears, talking to friends and family, assembling your healthcare team and the importance of being your own advocate. The basics of lung cancer and the differences between small cell and non-small cell tumors are presented. The book discusses the various treatment options and which are most likely depending on the stage of the disease. Throughout the book are quotes from survivors, presenting their emotions and actions at various points in their cancer battle, giving the book a useful dose of reality from a patient’s perspective.

The book also addresses complementary and alternative therapies, clinical trials, life after cancer and quality of life in the face of a terminal diagnosis. A glossary, lists of questions to ask your healthcare team and a listing of resources, including informative books, organizations and websites, round out this helpful guide.

Be a Survivor: Lung Cancer Treatment Guide presents the reader with a hopeful message and is a great tool for any person with a lung cancer diagnosis and their loved ones.