Radiation Oncology: Management Decisions

James Metz, MD
Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

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front coverAuthors: K.S. Clifford Chao, Carlos A. Perez, Luther W. Brady
Publisher: Lippincott - Raven
ISBN: 0-397-58468-7
OncoLink Rating:3 stars

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Radiation Oncology: Management Decisions is an excellent manual for the radiation oncology attending physician and resident. The book is derived from the comprehensive textbook Principles and Practice of Radiation Oncology. This manual is designed to be carried anywhere for quick reference. It is a complete, up-to-date text that the radiation oncologist will find very useful in the clinical setting.

Almost any treatment decision faced by the radiation oncologist is addressed in concise, clear chapters. The first 12 chapters review the basic concepts of physics and radiobiology that are pertinent to clinical practice. The subsequent 53 chapters address specific cancers individually. The chapters are designed so the most important information on each tumor is conveyed to the reader in an efficient manner. Each chapter is designed to quickly convey the anatomy of the region, natural history of the tumor, diagnostic work-up, staging system, pathologic classification, prognostic factors and general management. Radiation therapy techniques are explained in detail. Diagrams, simulation portals, and isodose distributions are included to illustrate various techniques. Sequelae of treatment are also discussed.

Tables and diagrams are used effectively throughout the text to convey important information in an efficient manner. Only the most important studies are referenced and quoted so that confusing and conflicting information does not clutter the text. The reader can quickly assimilate most topics in 5-10 minutes. There is a complete appendix of drugs commonly prescribed in the radiation oncology practice. Each drug is listed by the problem it is used to treat for easy reference. Dosages and important comments are included.

This is a great manual for general reference in the clinic or boards review. It is small enough to be carried around easily. Radiation Oncology: Management Decisions is highly recommended by OncoLink for the practicing radiation oncologist and radiation oncology resident.


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