Beyond Miracles: Living With Cancer

James Metz, MD
Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

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Author: Stephen P. Hersh, MD
Publisher: Contemporary Books
Price: $15.95 (US), 21.95 (CAN)
ISBN: 0-8092-3124-7
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Beyond Miracles is a book that inspires cancer patients to take charge of their lives and become active participants in their cancer treatments. Steven Hersh, MD is an accomplished physician and author who has developed an excellent reference for the cancer patient. He is currently on the faculty at George Washington University Medical School. He is also director of a multidisciplinary behavioral medicine clinic dedicated to patients and families for whom medical illness has become a dominating factor in life. Dr. Hersh gives regular "Living With Cancer" seminars which served as an impetus for this book.

Beyond Miracles gives practical advice for the cancer patient and their family. It guides the patient through the emotional roller coaster of a cancer diagnosis and medical treatments. It encourages the patient to take charge of their health care and not simply accept everything they hear. The author states "I try to take my audience and my patients beyond miracles to an approach I know is more useful to them-striving to control their lives and their own future."

The book is well-written and easy to read. It incorporates the experiences of cancer patients to personalize important points and topics. The book is written so the reader can look up specific topics of interest, or read it cover to cover. It does not attempt to deal with the treatment of specific cancers. Instead it covers the emotional issues and concerns that are common to all cancer patients regardless of their specific diagnosis. There are excellent chapters on taking control of pain and clinic and hospital experiences. There is also a comprehensive cancer resource section included in the book.

Dr. Hersh has written an excellent reference for any cancer patient. It will help the patient take charge of their life when things feel most out of control. Beyond Miracles is highly recommended by OncoLink.


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