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Reviewer: James Metz, MD
The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: February 1, 2002

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Cancer Talk front cover Authors: Selma R. Schimmel with Barry Fox, PhD
Publisher: Broadway Books
Price: $13.00 US, $20.00 CAN
ISBN: 0-7679-0325
OncoLink Rating: 3 stars

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Cancer Talk is a wonderful book that consists of a collection of statements from cancer survivors, families, and healthcare providers throughout North America. The statements are reprinted from "The Group Room," a live call-in radio cancer talk show and support group. The show has been broadcast over the radio and Internet on Sunday?s since February of 1996. Every show includes participation from a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, therapist, and social worker to guide the discussion and answer questions from listeners. The show also includes guest appearances from many noted oncology professionals, activists, and survivors.

Selma R. Schimmel is the founder and serves as president and CEO of Vital Options, which produces "The Group Room." Selma was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of twenty-eight. For the subsequent 16 years she has become a tireless advocate for cancer patients. Based on her experiences with the healthcare system during her diagnosis and treatment, she felt a need to bring cancer support, advocacy, and education to as many people as possible. The result was the creation of a nationally syndicated radio and Internet talk show, "The Group Room." Now Selma has brought her message a step further in this informative extension of her support group.

Cancer Talk offers unique insights into issues that effect the quality of a cancer survivor's life. Utilizing the voices from "The Group Room", the book educates and informs the reader through the experiences and statements of others. Selma also interjects her own personal experiences throughout the book. General topics of the book include handling the medical aspects of cancer, dealing with your emotions, legal and social aspects of cancer, and beyond cancer. Most importantly, this book is about good communication.

Selma Schimmel has created a wonderful book for any cancer survivor, family member, or healthcare provider that works with cancer patients. The book has a unique and refreshing perspective and is difficult to put down once you start reading. It is highly recommended by OncoLink.


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