The Victoria's Secret Catalogue Never Stops Coming - and Other Lessons I Learned From Breast Cancer

Reviewed By: Carolyn Vachani, MSN, RN, AOCN
Last Modified: September 8, 2002

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Victoria's Secret Catalogue Author: Jennie Nash
Publisher: Plume
Price: $11.00 (USA)
ISBN: 0452283663
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As an oncology nurse, I hesitated to read another breast cancer survivor's story. These stories are often filled with emotion, reminding me of the many life stories I have played a part in as a nurse and friend over the years, and stirring memories I might rather keep at bay. But Jennie Nash's book is so much more than a woman's battle with breast cancer. It is about being a woman, a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and a survivor. It is about not taking life for granted and making the most of it while we are here. Jennie's story is one filled with sadness, joy, courage, hope, and triumph.

The Victoria's Secret Catalogue Never Stops Coming - and Other Lessons I Learned From Breast Cancer is divided into "lessons", each taught by an experience in the author's life. Jennie Nash was just 36 when she received the horrifying news that she had breast cancer. Her journey has many ups and downs, but Nash discovers unending support from her husband, children, family, and countless friends from her diagnosis through recovery. Jennie's lessons are about life, relationships and human nature and these are lessons that every woman can afford to learn.

In a world where life passes us by unnoticed, Jennie Nash reminds us that life is precious and every day should be treasured. Like many survivors, Jennie looks at life differently than before her diagnosis and sees her battle as a positive life-altering event. She feels that breast cancer has made her wise old lady at the age of 36. As she so eloquently put it "If you have survived this disease, helped someone survive this disease, or helped someone leave this world because of it, you are probably wise, too."


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