Bone Marrow Transplants: A Guide for Cancer Patients and Their Families

Marcy Kolongowski, S.P.T.1 and Lora Packel, MSPT2
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

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Cancer Facts Author: Marianne L., R.N. Shaffer, George W. Santos

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Baxley Media Group (110 West Main, Urbana, IL 61801-2700; 217-384-4838) provided us with some videos for review which deal, either directly or indirectly, with the "cancer experience." Our comments concerning these videos are included here for your reference. Please note that these reviews do not imply specific endorsement.

The Survivor Symphony
15 minutes
Comments: Recommended

  • Would be good for patients and /or family members or significant others of newly diagnosed patients, male or female

  • reviews changes in lifestyle and family life, how to cope and deal with cancer diagnosis

  • very open about fears and coping

  • three cancer survivors are interviewed and share their experiences

22 minutes
Comments: Recommended

  • good explanation of hospice and how all the members of the hospice team work with the patient and family

  • interview each team member and interviews many patients and families

  • may be a bit too much for patient and family

  • good for health care professionals, nursing students, residents, medical students

40 minutes
Comments: Recommended for professionals

  • a better video for professionals

  • covers many issues

    • DNR

    • Living Will

    • Diagnosis of Cancer

  • shows the right and wrong ways for professionals to approach each one of these issues

two part video
Comments: good for professionals only

part 1: case study for getting a DNR from a cancer patients showed feelings of health care professionals about DNR

part 2: interviews with professionals (from Memorial / Sloan Kettering) about DNR; reviewed situations from part 1


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